Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric Muscle Stimulation in Franklin, WI

Dealing with pain in various parts of your body can be frustrating to deal with and it’s not always easy to find a treatment that works best for you. When you’re looking to treat pain and stimulate injured muscles, electrical muscle stimulation may be the best option for you! Electrical muscle stimulation can help heal injuries and relieve pain caused by conditions or those same injuries. Your chiropractor can walk you through the process and explain how electrical muscle stimulation can help you improve your quality of life.

The Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

When you’re dealing with an injury or pain in your joints, your doctor might recommend using electrical muscle stimulation to help the muscles recover. Electrical currents can help improve blood flow and stimulate the natural healing process in the body. This can also help prevent muscle loss when you’re dealing with an injury.

If you deal with pain due to an injury or disease, electrical muscle stimulation can lessen your pain and help create a practical form of pain management for you. With this form of treatment, electrical currents are sent to the nerves, which can help reduce pain signals that are being sent. It can also release endorphins, which help the brain relieve pain naturally.

When your body is trying to heal from an injury, electrical muscle stimulation can also be used to assist with physical therapy. It helps to keep the muscle fibers activated and can help with joint extension. This treatment also helps strengthen the muscle and prevent any further injuries from occurring.

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